Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is the most direct way to experience the divinity within. It brings inner calmness and deep relaxation. The mantra is existed in your subconscious mind in a latent form. Purpose of mantra meditation is to awaken that latent energy. Spiritual transformation using mantra is an ancient effective tool for peace, happiness and overall health. The silent repetition of the seed mantras in your meditation creates a vibration that helps you to experience the space between your thoughts and that creates a state of “restful awareness”.

Why Mantra?

Normally a mantra is a vibration, sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating spiritual transformation. So mantra is for transformation of all negative vibration into positive vibration. Mantras are used to bring harmony in body, speech, and mind. You can use mantras to develop mindfulness. When mind wanders, bring the mind back over and over again to the mantra. Mantra gives protection to the mind and body.

What Mantra to Select?

Generally, mantras are positive energy vibrations. Hence, you must select a mantra that will create positive affirmation and positive vibrations. It is good to select seed mantras. Mantra should not be associated  with any person. Normally, mantra which includes the name of a dead person “incarnations,” does not work. Mantra with too many words does not work. Depending on your background, you need to select your mantra.

Bija mantras are the best for mantra meditation.  They have no literal meaning. Do not try to associate any meaning to them. They are the subtle vibrations of the Universe.

Techniques of Mantra Meditations

You can chant your mantra loudly. During loud mantra chanting focus your attention on the vibrations of the sound. Observe the movements of your generic ambien buy online lips, tongue and the body parts.

You can chant mantra during inhaling and exhaling. There are mantras like; “Soo-Haam”, “I-AM”, “Sat-Nam”, “Haam-Soo”, “I AM – That”, “Bud-Dha” etc. The first part of the mantra is  remembered during inhalation and the second part of the mantra is remembered during exhalation.There should not be any attachments towards the word of the mantra. In kriya yoga, mantra is chanted along the spinal cord (sushumna). As you inhale, move your attention upward towards the crown chakra of the head. As you exhale, move your attention downward along the middle of the spine towards the perineum at the base of the spine.

You can do mantra chanting at the bridge of the nostrils. Focus your attention at the bridge of the nostrils and the feel the breath at that position. Feel the touch, as the air flows in and out. Remember the vibration of your mantra at that point.

There is a subtler kind of mantra chanting which is known as “ajapa japa”. It is just silently remembering the vibration of the mantra. It is the vibration of your inner sound.

Benefits of Mantra Meditations

The benefits of mantra meditations are as follows:

  • Increase creativity
  • Increase the clarity, concentration and power of mind
  • Improve awareness
  • Eliminates Insomnia
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Provides stress reliefs
  • Eliminates chronic diseases

Understanding the neurology behind mantra meditation is good for regular practice. Mantra meditation is having several benefits. Select your mantra and then practice it. The vibrations of the mantra will awake your inner power. As you practice, there will be a constant awareness of  the true meaning of the mantra, which is beyond your logical mind and intellect.