Power of Conscious Choice

Conscious Choice frees our mind, and gives us ever greater access to the hidden treasure of our unconscious mind. Normally, in daily life your choices are almost mechanical. But here is a formula to make it conscious.

Formula 1: Development of Awareness

Developing awareness is the 1st step of conscious choice.

Formula 2: Beyond the Father, Son and the Spirit 

Positive belief is must. As you know that Beliefs are what make us who we are. If we have positive thoughts, our life will also have positive outcome. We need to evolve. Conscious choice is the way for faster and easier evolution.

Formula 3: Have faith in your self

You may have all kinds of faith but if you do not have faith in your self, progress is not possible.

Formula 4: Take right action at right time in a right way

Define your goal in every step and then proceed.

Benefits of Conscious Choice: