Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Art of Inner Smile Meditation and Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the Best Medicine. Laughter is good for the soul.

Laughing from the heart
Laughing from the heart

Laughter lightens our burdens. As time progress, we grow older and our luggage increases. Often mind becomes so serious. We almost forget to smile. We forget to love. We forget to share happiness. We become too occupied with the muddy things of the past and habitually our mind is occupied with the thoughts of security of the future. In the olden days seriousness was synonyms with spirituality. But in modern days, seriousness is not only opposite to health but it is also opposite to spirituality.  Now, laughter is the not only the symbol of youth, vitality and growth; it is also the symbol of life and holiness. Laughter is doorway to holiness. Laughter is the most magnificent gift of nature.

Sincerity and Seriousness:


Sincerity means genuineness and earnestness in our purpose.  We should be sincere in our purpose but that does not mean we have to be serious on every thing. As we become serious our muscles become tight. Our flexibility reduces.   It creates several blockages in our blood flow system. We can reduce our seriousness and by that we can reduce our muscle tensions. There are hundreds of ways to reduce seriousness.  Think of the moon, think of the Sun, think of the planet Jupiter and asteroids; they are dancing and laughing. But you and I are worried about the collisions. It may come any time; there are quantum possibilities. We are always worried about those quantum possibilities. Remove those thoughts of negative possibilities from life. Seriousness is a disease; get out of that.

Smile Management:

A baby can laugh around 300 times per day but we can not laugh more than 30 times a day. Where are those remaining 270 smiles and laughs?  We have every account for each of our penny but we do not have any account for our smiles. Our smiles are not less valuable than our pennies. Each smile activates different levels of our consciousness. When we are smiling from our hearts, we automatically move into the higher vibrations. We need to manage the state of our vibrations.

A Sweet Smile
A Sweet Smile

Hormones and Smiling:

There is no definite single network in the brain for smiling and laughing. Our entire body takes part in smile and laugh. Researchers reported that laughter and smiling reduces the production of stress hormone cortisol. Moreover, cortisol is harmful and it reduces the immunity. As laughter inhibits cortisol, it enhances the immune system.   Smile increases the stability of the hormones in the body.  Laughter and smiles turn on the discharge of endorphins. Endorphins are body’s usual feel-good chemicals. Endorphins encourage an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain. Laughter is the easiest formula of pain management. Hormones and laughter are closely associated. Endorphin receptor cells are happy to receive the hormones of wellness.

hormones and laughter

Laughing Buddha:

We all love laughing babies. Because laughing baby is our inner nature.  Laughing Buddha and laughing Baby is almost synonyms.  I like laughing Buddha’s way to live life.  When I thought of laughing Buddha I am free from all tensions I am at peace. I am greatly inspired by the book “Laughing Buddha: The Alchemy of Euphoric Living” by Sakshi Chetana.  It gave me lot of inspiration, courage, peace and happiness.

Smile Meditation:

Smile meditation works tremendously. Send smile to every part of the body.  You can start from your heart, liver, legs, hands, scalp, and every other part of the body. You can also send the smile as our basic inner vibration to every part of the body. This vibration is called by the mystics as ‘Om’. I practice smiling along with Om meditation. Smiling with Om chanting attracts good energy to make us happy and prosperous. In the book “Om Chanting and Meditation” Amit Ray explained; a deep inner smile with “Om”, transforms all negative energy into positive energy. Smiling to yourself, you can be  your best friend.

Belly laugh:

In an extremely funny situation, we laugh from our belly. It is a deep burst of loud hearty laughter and our belly vibrates. It starts from the core of our being and can shake the whole body.  During this vibration all the 60 hormones of the body get adjusted. All the glands in the body throb. Belly laughs for as much as 10 minutes can make us happy for the rest of the day. We must practice belly laugh daily for a happy life. Belly laugh is part of my morning exercise. Sakshi has talked about the importance of having this belly laugh in her book Laughing Buddha.

Laughing Jesus:

We all love laughing Jesus.  Jesus was a cheerful and exciting character. He was full of Love and compassion. When we meditate on Jesus, the laughing and loving nature of Jesus gives us a lot of peace and happiness. Thinking about laughing Jesus is the easiest way for stress reduction and pain management. The compassion of Jesus is enormous. Because, laughter improves our blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect us from heart attack and other problems. Mother Theresa believed “peace begins with a smile.” For peace we must learn and practice smiling. Before going to church, I practice laughing and smiling.

Laughing Yoga:

Laughter yoga is an ancient science. It is an exercise by itself. It has a lot of positive impact on both body and mind. We can laugh for 10 to 15 minutes in groups. We need to laugh for no reason.  It has fantastic healing and preventative health benefits.  There are numerous varieties of laughter. However, “ho-ho-ho”, “ha-ha-ha” and “hi-hi-hi” are very common laughing modes.. You can also use the mixture of these three. I practice “ho ho-ho”. Laughing yoga is the best for stress relief.

A Sweet Smile:

A sweet smile is not only a message of love, but also a distribution of seeds of happiness to the environment. We all want love. A happy smile is the direct connection of that Love.  You may not have good teeth; it doesn’t matter; you can still smile like Mona Lisa.  There are many stories on the smile of Mona Lisa. But when we looked at the picture, our inner child comes out, our mental toxin clears out. The mystery of Mona Lisa lies not in the picture but in our inner mirror.

Life is not a very long journey. In this journey, there are very few moments when we can laugh together, smile together and share together. Laughing is the best medicine. We have friends, we have parents, we have our kids, and we have our colleagues. We must open up ourselves somewhere to share and make fun. If we can not laugh form our heart, that does not matter, we must try to act and form that acting gradually, we will be able to laugh.


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