Law of Attraction: Ask, and It Will Be Given

How does the Law of Arraction Work? There is a definite science behind the working of the Law of Attraction like all other natural laws have. According to the theory of law of attraction positive vibrations attract positive circumstances and negative vibrations attracts negative circumstances. This world is made of forms that are actually energy in constant flux. Everything we see is energy. In this field of energy you are like a powerful magnet, attracting or repulsing things.

Law of AttractionWhatever is going on in your mind is attracting persons, things and events around you. Your every thought is sending out magnetic energy. If you do not want something, you will end up attracting more of the same thing, because in the field of mind, like attracts like. Your not wanting something will focus your energy on what you do not want. That concentration of energy makes it manifest. Our emotions attached to our thoughts create greater power for those thoughts. Our thoughts and emotions are attracting our circumstances.

Harmony With the Universe

If you don’t create your own thoughts and emotions consciously, thoughts and emotions of other people may change your circumstances. Here comes the importance of your conscious choice. Select your friends and even your social networking friends and followers wisely. Because their vibe is going to affect you, positively or negatively. If you do not like somebody and you are thinking about them, you are basically calling them with your attention focused to them. To be harmoniously aligned with the universal life energy, you need to cultivate love and respect to every being. You need to establish the connection with the Source to attract positive circumstances in life. Cultivating peace, tranquility and alertness is the way for that.

Attuning With the Universal Life Energy

Your vibrational energy must mach the vibration of the universal life energy. Every desire we cherish is a packet of vibrational energy. For the blossoming of that generic name of ativan packet of vibrational energy, we need to attune us with the universal life energy and then the universe will readily respond to it.  Law of Attraction - "Ask and it will be given."Jesus meant this when he said “Ask, and it will be given“. How to attune with the universal life energy? Cultivating thoughts that bring about good feelings to you and others are the way to attune with the universal life energy. Generating or attracting thoughts that bring bad feelings means you are out of the track. Thoughts that generate happy feelings attract more happy circumstances.

Jesus said, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” [Matthew 7:7-12]. These are not an ordinary words. They have profound meaning. It means, send your “vibrational” message to the universe with a pure heart and the universe will respond. Universe will rearrange itself accordingly. If you do not have any doubt in your mind, there will not be any delay in this rearrangement.

Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking

We are interconnected. We, all of us, are are expressions of the Love that the Universe is made of. Our thoughts and desires affect all the beings in the Universe. Law of Attraction- Life EnergyBy generating positive thoughts, we can be instrumental in creating a wave of happiness that increases by snowball effect, gaining momentum as it attracts and collects more such thoughts in the world, and in turn creates more happiness in this world. Gratitude, forgiveness, love and peace are emotions and mental states worth cherishing. They can bring more happiness into our lives and in the lives of others. We can use the Law of Attraction wisely or unwisely to make the world a better or an worse place. We can contribute toward a happier world by cherishing happy thoughts in our minds or just by staying positive.

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