Science of Affirmation

What is the science behind affirmations? Many think affirmation is a new-age hype. It is not. Though it is only in the recent years that we hear much about it, affirmation has been used by successful people for centuries. Only it was not known to the masses. The art of successful affirmation was kept top secret and only a selected few knew about it. It is the blessings of this information age that everyone can know about it and use it for their benefit today.

Throughout the centuries, affirmations have helped people achieve extraordinary success in their lives. It has transformed many failures into amazing successes.

Why Affirmations Do Not Work?

However, I often hear people complaining that affirmations sometimes does not work with them. But there are some others who are very much excited to report how this extraordinary tool has transformed their lives. Why does this difference exist?

Why sometimes people who use affirmation find that it doesn’t work? Those who do not get results with it, did they miss something?Actually, when you go through the books available in the market, you will find that no one book provides the complete answer. Most of them preach the efficacy of affirmations more to be performed as a blind ritual rather than providing the scientific and solid basis of understanding regarding why it works and how it works. Affirmations do work, if you know how to do them; if you know the secret behind their working. That’s it.

Basic Principles of  Affirmation

Before I elaborate much on the topic, I must make you understand the underlying principle behind the use of affirmations. The real purpose of affirmation is to pass a command from your conscious mind to the subconscious mind.

Science of AffirmationThe subconscious mind has the ability to turn the command in to a real and tangible experience. It can turn your desires to reality. It has the ability to turn it into reality. It will arrange circumstances, connect you with people who or what will help you to realize your dreams and make your successful in life. Anything it accepts as true, it turns to reality.

But, you need to know just how to pass the command to it. You need to know when is the opportune moment to imprint your desire to the subconscious mind, so that it works on it unhindered. You need to know how to bypass your conscious mind to reach it directly, so that the natural questioning, judgmental or skeptical nature of your conscious mind do not interfere with its working. In the next post I’ll discuss about the impact of affirmation on our subconscious mind.


Reference:  Affirmations and Visualizations: The Ultimate Secret By Sakshi Chetana

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