Chakra Meditation for Opening the Heart Center

Heart chakra is the space of our connection with the cosmic consciousness. It is also the place of feelings such as love, sharing, caring, gratitude and forgiveness. Opening this center through chakra meditation makes us centered in our heart that makes our relationships blissful and harmonious.

Opening the Heart Center

There are various types of chakra meditation. In the previous article, I discussed about Chakra Meditation: Brainwaves and Astral Nerves. Here, I will discuss about the heart chakra meditation. Heart chakra meditation is very easy and very effective. It is the safest of all types of chakra meditations. It is most beneficial for the beginners and for the common people. The heart chakra is in the middle of the seven (-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3) major chakras. It is the gateway to heaven. It is the place where inside merges with outside. It is the place where heaven and earth meets together. It is the seat of pure cosmic consciousness. Heart is the place, where gamma waves easily collaborates with the theta waves.


For chakra meditation development of stability and tranquility of the mind is the key. When the mind is stable and tranquil then only penetrative wisdom arises. For developing a stable mind, you need a stable body. To develop a stable body, simple free hand yoga exercises are very useful. Even simple free hand exercises and walking are very good for the preparation of healthy chakra meditation. Spinal twisting exercises are good for opening the heart chakra. Om chanting is also very useful for calming a tense and chattering mind. In the book ‘Om Chanting and Meditation’, Dr. Amit Ray explained many meditation techniques for calming the mind.

Location of the heart center

All chakras are located along the vertical line in the centre of the body. The heart chakra is in the heart centre which is located between the breasts and along the vertical line. Some people prefer to visualize the heart chakra slightly to the right of the vertical line. In reality, the heart center is not located in the body – neither in the chest nor in the brain. It is a non-local phenomenon. However to begin with, you can easily assume that the heart center is located in right side of the chest. If you prefer you can select slightly left side of the chest or in the centre the chest. Chakra meditation posture

Steps for Heart Chakra Opening Meditation

Step 1

Sit in a comfortable stable posture and let your body relax. Close your eyes. Take five deep breaths. During breathing, imagine as if you are breathing in a loving light and that it is filling the body providing energy throughout online pharmacy usa tramadol your body. Allow the tension to flow away as you breathe out. Release all the fears, guilt, anger or any negative feelings. Affirm that the universe is friendly, abundant, and safe. Send your good wishes to yourself and to all beings of the Universe.

Step 2

Put your awareness in heart area. Breathe in and out from that area, as if, you are breathing from the heart center. Feel as if all experience is happening from there. As you concentrate on the heart center, the Gamma wave frequency goes up, as more of the brain is connected through neural gap junctions. Maintain your mindfulness only on the sensations at your heart center.

Step 3

Visualize in the middle of your heart a radiant lotus flower. Imagine what the lotus looks like. Imagine the lotus bud begins to grow. It expands and grows bigger and bigger, finally bursting into full bloom. Chakra Meditation - Hart CenterIt may be a blue, green, white or pink lotus flower. Create a picture of the flower in your mind. What shape is it? What color? What size? Observe the variations of these parameters. Count the number of petals. Feel as if the flower is full of love. Keep your attention on the warm light. Feel the sensations of the expanding flower. Feel yourself relaxing as you watch the beautiful patterns of light of the petals of the lotus. Let the love energy radiate through you. When your attention wanders, bring back your focus again on your heart center.

Step 4

Continue to observe the expanding petals of the flower. Enjoy the relaxation you are experiencing. “Yam” is the mantra for the heart center. You can repeat the mantra “Yam” or “Om” in this chakra. When you are ready to finish your relaxation session, take a deep breath. Slowly bring your awareness back to the present. Become more aware of the surroundings, time and place you are in.

Step 5

At the end of meditation, make a wish: “May the fruits of this meditation ultimately lead me and all beings to the awakened state of eternal happiness.” You may phrase the sentence in your own words.

Open your eyes. Remain in sitting posture for a few more moments. Gently, stretch your legs and arms. Feel your experience for a few moments. Enjoy your relaxed feeling. Bring back your normal level of alertness. Slowly return to a standing position, and keep smiling  for the rest of your day. Regular practice of this chakra meditation will help your consciousness to expand more and more and lead you to a feeling of oneness.


Reference: Awakening Inner Guru By Banani Ray and Amit Ray