Mudras for Anxiety Reduction

Mudras are the gestures that channelize energy patterns in the body. There are many forms of mudras, such as with the hands, fingers, eyes and the tongue. Hand mudras are very common.  Our fingers contain hundreds of nerve endings which affect our brain, that we can feel in our body. Hand mudras are hand gestures that distributes vital energy patterns in the body.   Mudras  are not substitutes to medicines but they help to attract the healing energy in the body. In my earlier article I discussed about origins and the benefits of mudras. Here, I am giving three simple mudras for anxiety reduction that smooth the aura field and can help you a lot to restore a sense of peace and harmony, relieving the edgy suffering that anxiety brings.

Three Simple Mudras for Anxiety Reduction:

1. Bhumi Mudra – Earth Touching Mudra

Buddha_earth-mudraBuddha used this mudra to overcome the negative energy. The earth witness mudra is also called the Bhumi-sparsha (“gesture of touching the earth”) mudra. It is just touching the earth with the tips of the fingers. This mudra is for feeling the connectivity with the earth. The existence of all things is interdependent. Our existence as human beings depends on earth, air, water, and other buy ativan online overnight forms of life. This earth touching mudra is deeply associated with the enlightenment of Buddha. Gautama Buddha sits in meditation with his left palm upright on his lap, while his right hand touches the earth.

2. Garuda Mudra – Gesture of the Eagle

self-love mudraThis is the gesture of protecting the self and forgiving the self.  This is done by placing the hands crossed in front of your upper chest.  Cross the left wrist in front of the right and interlace the thumbs together, splay the other fingers over the upper chest. This gesture increases the basic sense of safety and security.

3. Hansi Mudra – Gesture of the Swan

This is also known as self-love mudra.  This mudra allows the breath and energy to rise upwards to open the heart. It also soften tension in the neck and head. Touch tips of all fingers together except for the small fingers. Hold hands out to sides in a cactus position with extended small fingers pointing upwards. This gesture is to love yourself more. You take better care of your basic needs.

Along with the mudras you  need to nourish yourself daily through healthy activities, like nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy and healthy social interactions.