Top Ten Steps for Workplace Spirituality



Have you ever felt workplace spirituality movement? Workplace spirituality involves a sense of wholeness, connectedness at work, and deeper values. If you’re stressed out, worried, fearful or lonely, the impact is not only on your health but also on the performance of the company. This article is for people who need to get information, support and motivation on workplace spirituality. These simple messages of truth and love that can change your life and the values of the organization.

What are workplace spirituality?

To be successful in business you need clear goals, creativity, innovation, assertive communication, teamwork, and leadership. It’s difficult to achieve any of these if you’re under stress. Workplace spirituality is a culture that recognizes that employees have both a mind and a spirit seek to find meaning and purposes in their work, and desire to connect with other employees and be part of a community. It is the recognition and nourishment that employees have an inner life that nourishes and is nourished by meaningful work that takes place in the context of community.

Why is it so important?

Spirituality at work is not about getting employees to buy into a specific set of religious beliefs but study revealed that employees working in environments that support their right to be open about empowering, meditation, and prayer feel safer, have better working relationships with colleagues, and are more likely to be engaged in their work.

The Ten steps for workplace spirituality

1. Cultivate Interconnectedness

Let everyone feel of being part of something greater than self, yet interdependent. Value the voices of your customers, employees and other stakeholders.

2. Accommodate Cultural Diversity

Respect cultural diversity. Evidences suggest that cultural diversity added value and contributed to competitive advantage.

3. Shared Ownership

Involve, educate and align everyone around the corporate objectives, purchase ativan online canada values and future pathway. Support individual’s sense of calling or passion about their lives and their work. Encourage employees to use their unique skills within the organization.

4. Empower People

Turn employees into brand ambassadors. Let the understand the vision and values of the organization . Compassionate towards the fundamental issues of human life.

5. Put Emphasis On Principles

Focus on mutual well-being. Promoting personal growth, long-term character development, and personal connections of faith and work development.

6. Create Meditation Culture

Have special meditation rooms and the employees should be given a half hour day on company time to meditate.

7. Cultivate Mindfulness

Try to be aware instead of unaware. Plan ahead and allow enough time to get the most important things done without having to rush.

8. Put People First

Corporate should spend more time for helping out the employees as a friend. Helping others helps you.

9. Develop Spiritual Study Groups

Spiritual study groups must focus on, positive thinking, human values, inner guidance and aware decision making.

10. Focus To Bring Good In The World

Corporate must take interest in life. Contribute to the greater good in the world.

Summary about Workplace Spirituality

Don’t think too much about the process or the results of workplace spirituality practice, too much. There are numerous benefits of these practices.  It reduces stress, improves relationships, improves happiness levels, reduces negative emotions.  Keep your mind relaxed the results will come.

Infographic for 10 steps for workplace spirituality

Here, I have illustrated the 10 steps for workplace spirituality through infographic. workplace spirituality requires training and practice but it is the foundation of peace and happiness in workplace.

10 steps for workplace spirituality infographic

The workplace spirituality practice requires time, effort, attention, dedication. The steps I discussed in the infographic can help you to implement workplace spirituality easily in your life.