Compassionate Artificial Intelligence Frameworks and Algorithms

Compassionate Artificial Intelligence: Frameworks and Algorithms By Dr. Amit Ray

The book describes the concepts, goals, scope, principles, frameworks, algorithms and application areas of Compassionate Artificial Intelligence. Compassionate AI address the issues for creating solutions for some of the challenges the humanity is facing today, like the need for compassionate care-giving, helping physically and mentally challenged people, reducing human pain and diseases. The book provides authoritative blueprints, frameworks, principles, algorithms and guidelines for developing large-scale integrated compassionate artificial intelligence systems.
Compassionate Artificial Intelligence Book By Dr. Amit Ray
It introduces the new frameworks, deep-compassion algorithms with deep-learning and reinforcement learning. There are eighteen chapters in the book. Each chapter is full with the latest development of technology towards an intelligent and compassionate society. It discusses the the use of brain-computer-interface, drone, blockchain, cellular reprogramming, quantum computing and other emerging technologies for building distributed compassionate artificial intelligent systems. It describes the design principles and the behavioral principles of compassionate artificial intelligence. Compassionate AI is the best practical guide for AI students, researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders looking to get true value from the adoption of compassion in machine learning technology.

The main objective of AI is to serve humanity in an intelligent manner. As AI technology is improving, serving humanity on the surface level is not sufficient. AI can serve humanity in much better way in a much deeper sense.  Compassion, kindness and empathy are the components of higher human intelligence and to be true intelligent, artificial intelligence must incorporate them in the system. The book shows the directions for that.

Deep Compassion Algorithm:

Compassionate Artificial Intelligence The book discussed a set of novel algorithms for building machine-level compassion and their issues. The challenging issues in many disciplines, including mathematics and computational neuroscience, are explained.

To address the issue and the challenges of building compassionate AI, several algorithms, primarily based on reinforcement learning, brain network graph vertices and edge properties, have been proposed. The proposed algorithms are evaluated using synthetic psychological behavioral graphs and various emotional datasets. It shows a high ability to detect and measure similarities between human compassion and machine compassion.

Popular Artificial Intelligence Quotes from the book:

“Emotions are essential parts of human intelligence. Without emotional intelligence, Artificial Intelligence will remain incomplete.” – Sri Amit Ray

“The coming era of Artificial Intelligence will not be the era of war, but be the era of deep compassion, non-violence, and love. – Sri Amit Ray
artificial intelligence quotes the coming era of artificial intelligence

“Future Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more about human emotions, compassion, values and elimination of human sufferings.” – Sri Amit Ray

“Incorporating general intelligence, bodily intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, political intelligence and social intelligence in AI systems are part of the future deep learning research.” – Sri Amit Ray

Artificial intelligence quotes His Holiness Sri Amit Ray Emotional Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence is not just learning patterns from data, but understanding human emotions and its evolution from its depth and not just fulfilling the surface level human requirements, but sensitivity towards human pain, happiness, mistakes, sufferings and well-being of the society are the parts of the evolving new AI systems.” – Sri Amit Ray