Mantra for Aura Cleansing and Problem Solving

This mp3 audio is an essential foundation for aura cleansing and solving the problems of life. This audio contains 108 mantra chanting in her soulful voice. By listening to these 108 mantra you can create a protective shield around you. Listening to this mantra has a calming and peaceful effect on your mind. It cleans the subconscious mind and brings success and prosperity in life. These mantras has the power to remove the problems and difficulties created by the ancestors.  You can listen to this audio preferably in the morning or in the evening.

This powerful mantra meditation, chanting and listening specially helps for solving problems related to one’s ancestors. The problems faced in life due to the deceased ancestors are common for almost every individual born on Earth. Often people experience these problems and cannot overcome them despite trying hard to resolve these problems. To overcome such problems, it is important to chant or listen to this Dattatreya Mantra.


It happens when the subtle bodies of the departed ancestors are troubled and they suffer due to some reason or other. They might suffer due to their strong worldly attachment, anger or unfulfilled wishes. It also happens if they think that their next generations are happily living on the wealth they left, but didn’t care to perform the required rites for the departed soul, which become stuck in the earth regions, and can not progress further on their own to higher spirit realms.

Following can be the problems created by the troubled spirits of the dis-satisfied ancestors:
• Relationship problems or marital disharmony
• Health and monetary issues
• Addictions (approximately 70% of addictions are due to troubled spirits of ancestors)
• Problem in Exam in spite of good study
• Sudden and inexplicable Loss of job
• Delay in marriage
• Absence of Progeny
• Difficulty in conceiving a child
• Miscarriages
• Bearing mentally challenged children
• Untimely Death of children


Around the physical body, there is a bio-energy field that is invisible to ordinary people, which emanates from every person. This is called the aura field.
Most people are unaware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions. Apart from the earth-bound deceased ancestors, people often become energetically vulnerable to lower level entities that feed upon and survive on their vital energy. Those earth-bound entities may create problems like low energy, lethargy, negative emotions, anxiety for no reason, anger, disharmony, fear, depression or frequent nightmares.
Once they clutch on a person’s energy field, these lower level entities are able to influence and affect the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, actions, habits, and energy levels of the people they are attached to. These earth-bound forces attach to people through holes or distortions in the energy field, called the aura.


By chanting the Datta Mantra, a subtle protective shield forms around us gradually through the energy created by the chant. This protective shield protects us from the problems caused by the ancestors and also by other entities. As a result, the problems in our life gradually reduce. It also cleanses the aura transforming the entities to light.

The beauty of the Dattatreya mantra is that it also creates momentum for ancestors to transform and rise to a higher plane. When someone chants this Datta Mantra, the spiritual energy from the chant provides momentum to the ancestors trapped in Earth region, so their attachment lessens and they can proceed ahead in their journey of the after-life according to their Karma and desires. As a result, the problems caused by them also reduce, and in the end, all are happy.

Listening to this chant for 15 minutes to one hour will make a wonderful spiritual discipline for the benefit of us and our ancestors. With a heart full of good wishes to them we intend for them to rise to a higher plane and thank Lord Dattatreya for his protection of us. This divine mantra is a blessing to the humanity.