Welcome to Inner Light Publishers

Inner Light publishers is dedicated to publish high quality books in the area of meditation, yoga, health and lifestyle in the light of ancient wisdom and modern scientific research. We continue to strive in our effort to spread the light of wisdom that can make the world a better place to live in. We publish books and eBooks on meditation, yoga, Buddhism and mind body spirit.

We also arrange yoga and meditation retreats from time to time. Our learned authors, teachers and editors share their knowledge and expertise through Inner Light Meditation retreats, articles and publications. Our books contain a wealth of genuine teachings and helpful advice presented in clear, accessible language. Most of them explore ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Tao and Yoga teachings and their applicability in modern context. Through our books, eBooks and retreats we address issues like anxiety, stress, depression and other ills that plague the modern society.

Inspired by the wisdom and compassion of ancient masters like the Buddha, Patanjali and Ramana, Inner Light Publisher is devoted to the principle that true human wisdom is not the property of any one religion, religious sects, organizations or culture. Beyond the distinctions of secular and the sacred, the Inner Light Publisher is the place where ancient wisdom shares the stage with some of today’s finest teachers, writers and thinkers.

Our highest priority is to make any contact we have – whether as a student, reader, customer, author, an  editor or a contributor – a pleasant and rewarding experience.

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