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Welcome to Inner Light Publishers. We are a company dedicated to spiritual growth. We offer books, advanced texts, audio downloads, meditation courses, seminars and other spiritual artifacts that have been specially designed to help one evolve in their consciousness. 

We provide spiritual tools to help grow and expand consciousness. We are Non-Denominational; so we are inclusive to all. We are a bridge between Religion and Spirituality and we firmly believe in the oneness of consciousness. 

We publish high quality books in the area of meditation, yoga, health and lifestyle in the light of ancient wisdom and modern scientific research. We also arrange yoga and meditation retreats from time to time. Our learned authors and teachers share their knowledge and expertise through Inner Light Meditation retreats and courses.

Through our books, eBooks and retreats we address issues like anxiety, stress, depression and other ills that plague the modern society. Our primary goal is to provide the spiritual tools that will help you put your faith in action. God has sown the seeds of wealth and happiness in our world. He has also given us tools that will help us prosper and be happy. It is our job to find those tools and learn how to use them in our daily life.

We have created a large variety of spiritual tools that have helped thousands of people create truly miraculous events in their lives. Our audio recordings, protective prayer mantras, aura cleansing attunements, and courses are the result of more than 30 years of spiritual research.

We have spent years testing our products and our customers have benefited tremendously from these results. If you get a moment, take a look at our unsolicited testimonials on individual products and see for yourself.

If you are visiting our website for the first time, you are probably wondering where to start. In an effort to make it easier, we have included some of our most preferred tools so as to accommodate all those on the spiritual path. Look at the description for the product levels below to help you identify which products would best help you to elevate your consciousness.