Affirmations and Visualizations

Affirmations and Visualizations: The Ultimate Secret

This is a practical and comprehensive guidebook for affirmation and visualization that contains a wealth of practical information, tips, instructions and exercises for improving your life. You will know how and at which level of your mind affirmations and visualization work. You will know the scientific and esoteric secret of working of your mind and how to train your mind to unleash your hidden power. Affirmations and Visualization: The Ultimate Secret The book lists a number of powerful affirmations that address various issues of life, like health, healing, abundance, money, self-esteem, relationship, work, business and spirituality. Karma-clearing affirmations are listed for changing the negative thinking patterns of mind and planting seeds of success. The book discusses how you can use your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions to manifest success in every situation of life. Inside book there is an wealth of information. You will know:

  1. How do Affirmations and visualizations work
  2. How to silence the inner critic
  3. Why the timing is important for doing affirmation and visualization
  4. What are the rules for successful affirmation and visualization
  5. How to utilize the Law of “Ask Believe and Receive”, when you practice affirmation and visualization
  6. What are the secret of different layers of your mind and on which particular level the exercises of affirmations or visualization work
  7. How to remove the negative conditioning of mind
  8. How to get the universe work for you
  9. Why visualizing success is important and much more…

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