How many chakras are there 7 or 114 ?

Do you know how many chakras are there in human body? There are 114 chakras in human body. However, for simplicity, the 7 major chakras are most popular. Let’s talk about the chakras. What is it? How does it matter? What do you need to do with them? Finally, we will find out what is the optimum number of chakras in the human body.

Ganesh Mantra for Removing Obstacles

This mp3 audio contains 108 Ganesh mantra chanting.  This Ganesha mantra brings prosperity, good luck and success in any new venture undertaken. Lord Ganesha is a powerful symbol of positivity, enthusiasm and courage. Ganesha is a symbol of positivity and faith. The word Gana in Sanskrit means flock, troop or multitude. Ganesha means the ruler … Read more

Mantra for Aura Cleansing and Problem Solving

This mp3 audio is an essential foundation for aura cleansing and solving the problems of life. This audio contains 108 mantra chanting in her soulful voice. By listening to these 108 mantra you can create a protective shield around you. Listening to this mantra has a calming and peaceful effect on your mind. It cleans … Read more

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation for Daily Relaxation

Yoga Nidra guided meditation benefits, research and practices are discussed in details. You will learn the techniques of deep meditation for your health, happiness and healing. It will remove your anxiety, tension and depressions. This will also help you for sound sleep. Yoga nidra helps cell regeneration and rejuvenation, and both help decrease anxiety and improve mood and overall health. Our yoga nidra practices systematically utilizes the neurological stages of sleep to engage the participant’s natural capacity for self healing, balancing hormones and brain chemistry, improving sleep, and mood regulation. This is an excellent practice for the people who have trouble in getting sound sleep, or mind is always wandering, or suffering from stress and anxiety.

Compassionate Artificial Intelligence Frameworks and Algorithms

Compassionate Artificial Intelligence: Frameworks and Algorithms By Dr. Amit Ray The book describes the concepts, goals, scope, principles, frameworks, algorithms and application areas of Compassionate Artificial Intelligence. Compassionate AI address the issues for creating solutions for some of the challenges the humanity is facing today, like the need for compassionate care-giving, helping physically and mentally … Read more

Compassionate Artificial Intelligence Movement

Compassionate artificial intelligence is a new movement that focuses on serving humanity with love and care. Dr. Amit Ray is the pioneer in this field. Here we explained the scope, benefits and implementation issues of compassionate artificial intelligence.


Life is a dance; mindfulness is witnessing that dance. — Amit Ray Mindfulness involves acceptance, meaning that we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings without judging them—without believing, for instance, that there’s a “right” or “wrong” way to think or feel in a given moment. The opposite of mindfulness is forgetfulness. Mindfulness is when you are truly there, … Read more

Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on the Brain

Mindfulness meditation affect the white matter as well as gray matter in the brain. Researchers observed that eight weeks of mindfulness meditation can actually change the structure of the brain. To get the benefits, you just need to practice 10 to 40 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day at home or office. Mindfulness meditation is … Read more

Top Ten Omega-3 fatty acid Foods for Good Health

Scientists observed that Omega-3 fatty acid foods (also called omega–3 fats)  have enormous health benefits. Research evidence suggest that increasing in omega 3 fats intake have a positive role in prevention and treatment of many diseases such as heart disease. Omega-3 fatty acid improves muscle activity, digestion, blood flow, fertility, and brain development. In this article, we discussed top … Read more

Top Ten Steps for Workplace Spirituality

  Have you ever felt workplace spirituality movement? Workplace spirituality involves a sense of wholeness, connectedness at work, and deeper values. If you’re stressed out, worried, fearful or lonely, the impact is not only on your health but also on the performance of the company. This article is for people who need to get information, support … Read more