Beautiful Hair Natural Care: Home Remedies to Stop Hair Loss

By Kristina Russel

The book contains tips and techniques for stopping hair loss and growing strong beautiful healthy hair- the natural way. Simple easy to make homemade natural recipes for shampooing conditioning and coloring hair are discussed. Hair care tips, diets, and directions are provided for making your hair shining attractive and healthy & to stop hair loss.

Beautiful Hair Natural Care: Home Remedies to Stop Hair Loss

It contains scientific facts we all need to know about the harmful & hazardous chemicals present in the commercial hair care products and even in the products that are labelled as ‘Natural’. It also discusses about ingredients and techniques for coloring hair the natural way without using the commercial products that often causes severe hazards such as skin-cancer, diarrhea, asthma, liver-damage & many other health complications due to presence of chemicals that are harmful for health. This book is a must-have if you want to go green and natural in hair-care and if you wish to have beautiful lustrous and healthy hair as the crowning glory!

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Beautiful Hair

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