21 Powerful Quotes to Awaken your Spirit

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Awakening your inner spirit takes courage and daring. Most of us don’t dare to venture on this path. However the seeker within us secretly pushes us on the way. Finally, one day we wake up to see who we really are. That is the Blessed moment we all wait for many lifetimes. Following quotes are … Read more

Seven Factors of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is relaxing with present moment awareness. Mindfulness is a science developed around 3,500 years back. Mindfulness was popular before Buddha, but Buddha formalized it and popularized it among common people. In modern Western society, mindfulness has been adapted for use in treatment of stress and depression, especially preventing dementia and alzheimer’s and also for assisting with emotional regulation. The seven factors of mindfulness are discussed. There are about 200 scientific articles on the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation. Scientist observed that mindfulness practice reduces stress and decreases volume of grey matter in the amygdala.

Anapanasati Breathing Meditation

Anapanasati is the heart of satipatthana, the heart of all four foundations of mindfulness. Anapanasati means to feel the sensations caused by the movements of the breath in the body, as is practiced in the context of mindfulness. Anapanasati is a core meditation practice in Buddhism, as well as in many ancient Indian meditation teachings.  In order to … Read more

Enlightenment of Buddha

As the morning star appeared in the eastern sky, he became an enlightened one, a Buddha. When the Buddha rose from his meditation at last, he gazed at the tree in gratitude, to thank it for giving him shelter. From then on, the tree was known as the Bodhi tree.
In the moment of enlightenment Buddha did not find any God, but he found that the whole existence as divine – full with light and consciousness. His heart was full with compassion. He becomes more loving, more kind, more compassionate.