Law of Attraction: Ask, and It Will Be Given

How does the Law of Arraction Work? There is a definite science behind the working of the Law of Attraction like all other natural laws have. According to the theory of law of attraction positive vibrations attract positive circumstances and negative vibrations attracts negative circumstances. This world is made of forms that are actually energy … Read more

Mudra : Origins, Power and Benefits

Originally mudras were used by the Hindus for rituals, relaxation and deep meditation. Now mudras are one hundred percent compatible with all religions. All the Hindu Gods and Goddesses have some form  of mudras. Lord Buddha uses gayana mudra.  Mudra is a sanskrit word. In the word “mudra” mud, means “joy” and ra, means “produce.”  Hence, mudra … Read more

Power of Visualization

The way you imagine that can change your life. Visualization is an ancient as well as modern art of meditation. Human brain can not discriminate between the imaginative thought and a real action. Recent discoveries in neuroscience proved that can i order tramadol online legally human brain is flexible and plastic enough to learn and adjust. What is Power … Read more

Power of Conscious Choice

Conscious Choice frees our mind, and gives us ever greater access to the hidden treasure of our unconscious mind. Normally, in daily life your choices are almost mechanical. But here is a formula to make it conscious. Formula 1: Development of Awareness Developing awareness is the 1st step of conscious choice. Formula 2: Beyond the … Read more

Power of Belief

Power of Belief works in our unconscious  mind as well as in conscious mind. We may not know, if we have faith in something that will gradually change our circumstance and the environment. What is belief system? Belief system can be defined as the individual’s view about something. It may be conscious or unconscious. If it is a conscious … Read more