Impact of Meditation on Brain Structure

Angular Gyrus

Effect of meditation on the brain structure can be broken up into two categories: short-term changes and long-term changes. In this article we focused our attention both on short term and the long term impact of meditation on brain structure. There are three types of meditation practices. The first is the Open Monitoring or Mindfulness … Read more

Bija Mantra Meditation

Bija means seed. The term bija mantra means “one syllable seed”. These seeds do not have precise meaning. They represent divinities or cosmic powers. The best-known bīja mantra is Om. Normally, pure Bij mantras are secular in nature. Not associated with any religious belief. Bij mantras are always free from meaning and mental association. “Bija mantras” are used to expand the consciousness at various levels. Bija mantra are the best way to get out of the circle of birth and death.
Generally, bija mantra should not be mixed with any other word or name. If you mixed these seed words with other word or name, its power will be diluted. Then, it will be very difficult to get any fruitful result.

Chakra Meditation and Astral Nerves

What is astral body? There are three types of body: physical body, astral body and the causal body. Astral body is associated with the emotional body. Frequency of the astral substances are much higher than the physical matters. Astral body is directly associated with the emotional intelligence. The astral body is the carrier of the life force. What are the astral nerves? Astral nerves are the subtle passages through which the vital energy moves. Chakra balancing is the synchronization of different glands and nerve centers corresponding to the different chakras. It is also the synchronization of various parts of the brain. These synchronization occurs as we focus our attention on various chakras in appropriate sequence.

Chakra Meditation and Brainwaves

The objective of chakra meditation is to attain liberation while living (jivanmukta). This is the state where mind is full of bliss and free from all fluctuations and negativity. The mind abides in its pure state of consciousness. In this state mind is free from all attachments to persons, ideas, opinions, ideology and worldly things. In this state people often exhibits a high level of holistic functioning full of love and wisdom that unites multiple senses and perceptions. It is a state of completely synchronized neural activity in the brain.

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Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is the most direct way to experience the divinity within. It brings inner calmness and deep relaxation. The mantra is existed in your subconscious mind in a latent form. Purpose of mantra meditation is to awaken that latent energy. Spiritual transformation using mantra is an ancient effective tool for peace, happiness and overall health. The silent repetition of the seed mantras in your meditation creates a vibration that helps you to experience the space between your thoughts and that creates a state of “restful awareness”.