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Meditation Research includes scientific studies to understand the effect of meditation on stress reduction, Asthma, ADHD, memory loss, Anxiety control, gene and DNA modification, BDNF, Insula and Brain Fitness. Meditation increase telomerase, decrease the bad genes, improve the good genes, improve sleep, reduce depression, increase the clarity of purpose. It brings overall spiritual wellbeing. Effect of meditation and yoga on Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis, Neurophysiology, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience are discussed. Meditation and yoga can profoundly change the brain structure. Effect of meditation on Grey matter, BDNF, Insula, pre-frontal cortex, hippocampus, orbito-frontal cortex, thalamus and the inferior temporal gyrus are explained.

Anapanasati Breathing Meditation

Anapanasati is the heart of satipatthana, the heart of all four foundations of mindfulness. Anapanasati means to feel the sensations caused by the movements of the breath in the body, as is practiced in the context of mindfulness. Anapanasati is a core Read more….

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Mindfulness meditation- observing the beauty of nature

Today is the autumn equinox – which means different things to different people. The word equinox comes from the Latin words for “equal night.” It is one of two days in the year when there is 12 hours of day Read more….

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Yoga and Meditation for Balancing the Insula of the Brain

Insula of the brain is one of the most vital components of the brain which controls our health and wellness. Meditation along with yoga helps the insula to work efficiently. Researchers observed that greater right anterior insular gray matter volume the greater is the accuracy in the subjective sense of the inner body, and with the negative emotions developed by the mind. .. Insula continuously scans the physiological state of the entire body and then generates subjective feelings. In vipassana meditation, when we observe the bodily sensations, we activate our insula. Through awareness meditation we gradually develop more gray matters in the brain, which provides a framework that is higher than the normal insula. Insular cortex continuously receives signals from receptors in the skin and internal organs like gut, heart and the lungs. Continue reading

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Yoga and Meditation to Improve Brain Fitness

Brain Fitness and Yoga The more complex the yoga posture, the more complex the synaptic connections. Just as yoga postures and exercises reverse the decaying process of the muscles, almost in a similar way they slow or reverse the process Read more….

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Effect of Yoga and Meditation on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional-Intelligence and Yoga Yoga trains us to pay attention specifically to the feelings in the body during the movement. For effective emotional intelligence we need to bring our awareness first to the body and then to the mind.  Yoga prepares Read more….

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Brain Fitness with Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation improves brain fitness at four levels. First, it helps to develop new stem cells in the hippocampus; second, it improves the optimal blood flow in the brain, which enhances the cerebral metabolism; third, it encourages nerve cells to bind to one another; and fourth, it enhances the production of BDNF which creates new neural pathways in the brain. It is observed that regular systematic mental challenge by novel stimuli increases production and inter-connectivity of neurons and nerve growth factor. It also prevents cell death and loss of connections between neurons. The brain is capable of producing new brain cells at any age. Hence considerable memory loss is not an obvious result of aging. But just as it is with muscle strength, you have to use it or lose it. Our lifestyle, health habits, and daily activities have a huge impact on the health of our brain. Independent of our age, there are several ways through which we can improve our cognitive skills, prevent memory loss, and protect our grey matter. Yoga influences the brain on numerous ways. Yoga postures releases a plethora of hormones, all of which participate in aiding and providing a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells. Most yoga postures increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain.
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Chakra Meditation and Brainwaves

The objective of chakra meditation is to attain liberation while living (jivanmukta). This is the state where mind is full of bliss and free from all fluctuations and negativity. The mind abides in its pure state of consciousness. In this state mind is free from all attachments to persons, ideas, opinions, ideology and worldly things. In this state people often exhibits a high level of holistic functioning full of love and wisdom that unites multiple senses and perceptions. It is a state of completely synchronized neural activity in the brain. Continue reading

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