Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation for Daily Relaxation

Yoga Nidra guided meditation benefits, research and practices are discussed in details. You will learn the techniques of deep meditation for your health, happiness and healing. It will remove your anxiety, tension and depressions. This will also help you for sound sleep. Yoga nidra helps cell regeneration and rejuvenation, and both help decrease anxiety and improve mood and overall health. Our yoga nidra practices systematically utilizes the neurological stages of sleep to engage the participant’s natural capacity for self healing, balancing hormones and brain chemistry, improving sleep, and mood regulation. This is an excellent practice for the people who have trouble in getting sound sleep, or mind is always wandering, or suffering from stress and anxiety.

Meditation and Oxytocin to Boost Positive Emotions

Meditation and oxytocin hormone are linked with positive emotions. Meditation generates oxytocin hormone and the oxytocin generates positive emotions.  Emotional warmth associated with loving kindness meditation (LKM) produces the hormone, oxytocin. The most common positive emotions as joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe and love. What is  Oxytocin? Generally, oxytocin is a hormone produced … Read more

5 Easy Yoga Poses to Heal Your Lower Back Pain

Millions of people suffer from lower back pain. People who continuously works in front of computer a nine-to-five job, it is easy to see lower back pain an issue. Many report having poor control of their symptoms. Fortunately, new research shows there is a simple antidote for back pain: 30 minutes of yoga exercise a day, … Read more

Yoga Research Current Trends – International Yoga Day – 2016

On the eve of 2nd International yoga day, the world is excited about yoga. Current international yoga research is in its thrilling state. Yoga is occupying all most every endeavour of human well-being. Across the world all the top research institutes are currently involved in yoga research. Some of them are very serious and deeply involved … Read more

Yoga with Smartphones and Wearable Sensor Devices for Stress Control

Modern yoga research is heavily directed towards the use of smartphones and wearable sensor devices for stress control. Yoga apps and yoga wearable sensor devices are in the market. By measuring and tracking various parameters by sensor devices you can use the data to make the right choices in your yoga practice and day to day life. Data-driven yoga postures gives us constant feedback to measure the impact of yoga postures on moment to moment basis.

Five Home Remedies for Lowering Blood Sugar, Triglycerides and Cholesterol

How to control high blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol? This article discusses five herbal remedies for controlling insulin, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Unhealthy lifestyle, junk food, processed sugars, trans-fat and additives, bad posture and limited to no physical activity all leads to insulin resistance and high blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol. In this article we discuss five home remedies … Read more

Yoga for Cardiovascular Health

As part of an overall healthy lifestyle, yoga can help lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function and heart rate, and boost circulation and muscle tone. Anyone can practise yoga. Yoga will help one to feel more energetic.

7 Ways to Wake Up and Start your Morning Happily

Getting up early can make you more productive, focused and motivated. Wake up early in the morning will give you plenty of time to complete all of your daily tasks.  Here are seven ways to start your morning fresh and better. 1. Get up correctly Get up correctly from the bed. There are many ways to … Read more

Five Easy Tips to Detoxify Your Body

Five easy and natural ways for detoxification are discussed. Drinking more water will ensure that you are never dehydrated. This also keep flushing out the bad toxins. Doing daily yoga and exercises will help to eliminate the toxins from the body. Calorie restriction is a proven and powerful strategy for detoxification. Drinking lemon water eliminates the toxins. A colorful variety of fruits and vegetables naturally removes the toxins from the body.