Yoga Postures Basic Rules

The basic guidelines and the rules of yoga postures and asanas are discussed in detail. These rules are very easy to follow. These will help the beginners in doing yoga. If you have high blood pressure, dizziness, serious eye problems or other health problems take your doctor’s opinion before you start yoga practices. Specially, certain … Read more

Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Art of Inner Smile Meditation and Laughter Yoga

Laughter lightens our burdens. As time progress, we grow older and our luggage increases. Often mind becomes so serious. We almost forget to smile. We forget to love. We forget to share happiness. We become too occupied with the muddy things of the past and habitually our mind is occupied with the thoughts of security of the future. In the olden days seriousness was synonyms with spirituality. But in modern days, seriousness is not only opposite to health but it is also opposite to spirituality.  Now, laughter is the not only the symbol of youth, vitality and growth; it is also the symbol of life and holiness. Laughter is doorway to holiness. Laughter is the most magnificent gift of nature.

Sincerity and Seriousness:


Sincerity means genuineness and earnestness in our purpose.  We should be sincere in our purpose but that does not mean we have to be serious on every thing. As we become serious our muscles become tight. Our flexibility reduces.   It creates several blockages in our blood flow system. We can reduce our seriousness and by that we can reduce our muscle tensions. There are hundreds of ways to reduce seriousness.  Think of the moon, think of the Sun, think of the planet Jupiter and asteroids; they are dancing and laughing. But you and I are worried about the collisions. It may come any time; there are quantum possibilities. We are always worried about those quantum possibilities. Remove those thoughts of negative possibilities from life. Seriousness is a disease; get out of that.

Seven Great Spiritual Habits

Overcoming spiritual bad habits is a challenge but daily practice of good habits can overcome them. We all know about these seven great  spiritual habits to enhance our spirituality. Nothing is new about these, but we have forgotten all of them. This is to remind you of them. I am writing these points so that they should be firmly grounded in our mind. This is to improve the habits of mind.

Habit 1: Stay Active and Alive All the Day

Stay active throughout the day. This is one of the most important spiritual habits. As you are growing older, you need to increase your hormonal balance. Hormonal balance is the first thing of modern spirituality. Om meditation is a easiest way for hormonal balance. If your health is perfect, your spirit will be perfect and in perfect spirit you can realize the depth of your higher spirit. Insulin is one of the most important hormone to keep under balance for real spiritual progress. The first step to improve your insulin sensitivity is to participate in some sort of physical activity periodically throughout the day. It is not necessary that you have to go to gym regularly and perform vigorous exercises but you can easily do your home works like cooking, going to market, buying something new and fresh, walking on the footpath. Shopping malls are now a days are the best place for doing spiritual activities like mindfulness meditation.  Spirituality means something related to higher spirit. In this new era of spiritual freedom, you need to drop the old ideas of spirituality.

Active Walking
Active Walking

Habit 2: Drink Enough Water

Normally, we need to drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily to stop us getting dehydrated. This works out to be about ten x 150ml or 8 x 200ml glasses of water. You can drink more if you can. “God’s spirit hovered over the water.” (Genesis 1:2). About 60 percent of our body weight is water. We can not ignore water in our body. For spirituality, we can go to the churches and temples. But unfortunately we have forgotten the water, the living spirit in our body.

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Yoga for Stress Relief

Practicing daily yoga keeps the body in shape and trains the mind to be strong and flexible in the face of stress and change. It increases oxygen capacity, boosts blood flow, balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and reduces stress-induced toxins such as adrenaline and cortol. The effect is a heightened self-awareness and vitality that allows you to harness mental and emotional energy.

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