Seven Days OM Deep Meditation Retreat on Himalaya at Rishikesh India

Date: November 11 to November 18, 2018

Discover Peace and Light within you

Om Deep Meditation Retreat arranged by Inner Light Publishers, facilitated by Green Care  Ayurveda, and approved and certified by International Institute  of Scientific Meditation is one of its kind.

You will spend 7 days of personal transformation and inner connection, renewing your spirit and remembering what truly matters in your life. We have small friendly groups – usually between 10 and 15 people. Each day there will be four sessions. The focus of our meditation sessions is to open energy pathways, quiet the mind and to remember and experience the stillness and ease of our True Nature, the timelessness domain of pure peace and bliss within you.

Our Om Deep Meditation course covers the significance of the Om not just as a mantra but as the cosmic vital energy that creates sustains and nourishes your body mind and soul. You learn to meditate for better health, personal transformation and spiritual growth.


♦ On the Himalaya at Rishikesh in comfortable accommodation with modern amenities.

♦ With a wonderful group of like minded friendly people.

♦ In the presence of enlightened masters of the Himalayan tradition.

 ♦ learn easy-to-practice and effective integrated Om meditation technique.

♦ Access gentle and understanding Personal guidance to walk you through the learning process.

♦ Have the opportunity of one-on-one personal counselling and discussion session with the teachers everyday.

♦ Learn Meditation in a small group in a friendly and welcoming environment.

It can truly be a life changing and enlightening experience. This is an opportunity to relax, unwind and discover yourself, love yourself, and connect with your inner fountain of peace and joy.

The Location of the Retreat

Om deep meditation

Rishikesh Om Meditation Retreat

Rishikesh, India. Known as the Yoga and meditation Capital of the World, Rishikesh is the place where travelers from all over the world come to de-stress, learn yoga, learn meditation, study ancient philosophy and spirituality.

Overlooking the Himalayas and the Holy River Ganges, Om Deep Meditation retreat takes place at an exotic place in Rishikesh, known as the Tapovan, the forest naturally filled with the spiritual vibrations of the sages of the ancient times who lived there and meditated day and night. Today, the place is a home to Yoga and meditation practitioners coming from all over the world. It has almost all the modern amenities, but still you can feel that the place is vibrant with natural joy and peace.

What is Special About Om Deep Meditation Retreat:

Om Meditation

Om Deep Meditation Retreat

Om Deep Meditation retreat is a life-changing experience, designed for those seeking a deeply spiritually transformative path to empowerment, self-love, energy, bliss and compassion. The teaching contains practice for diving into the soul of the OM Mantra for Intensive Awakening and immersion in our real and enlightened nature.

Sometimes we need to escape from our daily life, and we need some clarity and clearing to own ourselves back again – to create some space and literally recreate and connect ourselves with who and what we really are. Om Deep Meditation Retreat is the perfect place to reclaim your own inner power and uniqueness. Om Deep Meditation will recharge your body, rejuvenate your mind and enlighten your soul to empower you to stand in your values, and gain equanimity to experience joyful peace, strength and balance in your body, mind and soul.

om meditation

meditation room

You will learn how to awaken your inner Sun and bask in the Mystical illumination, and become a Beacon of light, love, healing, creativity, energy and bliss on the earth. If you are ready for this adventure, welcome to a magical week of deep meditation, warm sunshine, joyful laughter, soulful silence and terrific company.  The profound teaching from our enlightened masters can build your radiant body, activate your higher Chakras, bring you out of anger, resentment, judgment, and dissolve negativities and challenges in front of you.

We have very limited number of seats. This is a rare opportunity to practice meditation with, and under the guidance of internationally renowned enlightened Meditation

Masters, who will gently lead you through the retreat with personal one to one communication and guidance, so you feel clarity, peace, inner stability and connectedness with yourself.

Om Deep Meditation will help you:

♦ Drive away everyday stress

♦ Achieve mental peace

♦ Come in deep re-connection with your heart

♦ Clear mental clutter

♦ Experience inner peace and serenity

♦ Dissolve energy blockages

♦ Let go of the old and identify what is truly important to you

♦ Love yourself unconditionally

♦ Be compassionate to yourself and others

♦ Improve your relationships

♦ Be centered and grounded

♦ Flow freely and enjoy yourself, your being

♦ Rediscover your potential and strength

♦ Live in light and grace

Language of Instruction: English

 What you will Learn:

♦ Learn techniques to stop the unnecessary mental chatters.

♦Learn three special techniques to clear the energy blockages in your physical, mental and astral bodies so Om Meditation becomes easy and almost effortless.

♦Learn techniques to clean your bio-energy field and Chakras to remove obstacles from your path.

♦Learn Simple Meditation technique suitable for the beginners.

♦Learn the Profound Om Deep meditation technique which is delightful both for the beginners and advanced practitioners.

♦Learn Om meditation techniques for inner peace, inner strength and mental clarity.

♦Learn Om meditation techniques for physical and mental health, stress-relief, greater clarity and personal development.

♦Learn Om meditation techniques helpful for emotional intelligence, concentration and mind power.

♦Learn Om meditation techniques for enhancing health, immunity and longevity.

♦Learn the secret of your five bodies.

♦Learn how to harness and channel the energy of your mind.

♦Learn the secrets of your 114 chakras and 72000 Nadis in your body.

♦Learn the mystery of your body as a cosmic flower.

♦Learn the secret of the ascended masters who live in the Light.

Included in the teaching:

Om tortoise Breathing technique to un-clutter your mind and immediate relief from stress and anxiety. Mindful Om meditation. Om Lotus Kriya. Om Mahakaruna meditation. Om Hamsa yoga meditation. And Yoga Nidra practice for good sleep and relief from insomnia.

Who Can Attend:

Meditators with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level of experience. Om Deep Meditation Retreat is ideal for people of all age groups, and is suitable for all levels of meditation experience.

Even if you have never practiced meditation, but are eager to learn meditation, our teachers will gently guide you to learn and practice it. You are qualified to attend this retreat if you are:

– open to personal transformation with teachers who have more than 26 years of experience 
– seeking immersion in the practices of meditation to improve your life and relationships
– committed to expand beyond personal limitation by opening to your fullest potential 

The teaching is primarily guiding each participant back to their own intuitive knowing. This can be a time for reflection, a way to deepen your practice, meet like-minded people and discover the fountain of peace within you. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required.

Retreat Course Fee:

Early bird fee:  $700 USD for individuals and $1300 USD for couples, available until 15th August 2018

Regular fee:  $750 USD for individuals and $1350 USD for couples, starting from 16th August 2018.

Booking Fee: $ 200 USD per person, Non-refundable, but adjustable for next retreats within 1 year. You can pay the remaining amount in 2 to 3 installments. However, you need to pay the full amount 30 days before the retreat begins.

The Course Fee includes:

1.  Pickup from Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun to Retreat Spot at Tapovan, Rishikesh.

2.  7 nights lodging at Tapovan Rishikesh. Accommodation is in single occupancy. Couples share a double room.

3.  3 Fresh Organic Vegetarian meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – each day.

4. Complete meditation teaching and guidance, including four meditation sessions everyday for full days spent at Rishikesh.

5. Public and individual discussion sessions to clarify any doubts or problem.

6. A complimentary gift of meditation kit including a rosary and guidebook from the Inner Light Publishers.

7. Certificate of completion from International Institute of Scientific Meditation

The Course Fee does NOT include:

◊ Airfare

◊ Travel Insurance

◊ Pick up from any point other than the Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun at the appointed time.

◊ Drop off to the airport or your desired destination at the end of the retreat.

◊ Extra meals which you may order from the in-house restaurant during your stay.

◊ Sight-seeing at Rishikesh/ Haridwar.

◊ Any other activities like yoga-class or trekking you may choose to undertake at an extra cost.

◊ If you choose to arrive earlier or leave later than the scheduled date you need to bear the cost of your stay including room rent and food.


Rishikesh retreat

Tapovan room

Accommodations are provided in spacious and comfortable single-occupancy double-bed rooms. All rooms are simple but comfortable, individually furnished, with ceiling fans, tea table with sofa, Air conditioners, hot showers and western-style toilets.



The rooms are provided with free WiFi facilities. Every room has a flat-screen TV and DVD player. Some rooms have a sitting terrace area to relax. We have a few rooms that feature a breathtaking view of the mountains and the river Ganges. Every room comes with an attached western-style bathroom. You will find a 24-hour front desk.

However rooms with best scenic view are allotted on the basis of first booking. Hence book early to get the choicest room with beautiful scenic view.

Booking For the Retreat:

BOOKING IS SIMPLE. You can book now with an advance payment of $ 200 USD per person. You will be contacted after online payment and registration. The remaining fees need to be paid 30 days before the retreat.

All international currencies are accepted, as we are accepting payment through PayPal. For those who are not familiar with PayPal, payment through PayPal is safe, since it do not expose your credit card details to anyone.

You can pay through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account. And PayPal automatically converts your currency at the current exchange rate. If you still have any questions concerning the booking procedure or the retreat itself, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any problem with payment, or simply find out more, we’d be happy to help.

You can email us at:  . or

 PLEASE NOTE that seats are limited. Reserve your seat now.


Delicious and wholesome organic vegetarian food is served with love and care which will provide fuel for your body and soul and give a sweet touch to your retreat. If your food requirements are special that can be provided with extra charge and with prior mentioning.

We provide three meals everyday. However, you can take meals of your choice at your cost in the friendly local cafes and restaurants nearby.

Clothing and other Essentials:

It is a good idea to wear loose clothing. Our retreat spot is a peaceful and relaxed hub of like-minded yoga and meditation people, so, no need for any special clothing, just wear something decent and comfortable.

As a rule the weather from November to February is cold and woollens are recommended. March to September is warm and adequate cotton clothing will suffice. September to November is pleasant and a light shawl or sweater will be adequate as additional clothing.

Towels in the rooms are provided. You need to bring clothing, toiletries and personal items, a torch, flat shoes or sandals. Sunscreen, bathing costume, sun hat and mosquito repellent are also useful – although those items can be purchased in Rishikesh.

High heeled shoes are not appropriate for the roads and paths here. Shoes are good. Also sandals such as flip-flops, which can be easily slipped on and off, are very useful because certain places require you to take off your shoes.


During the class a loose and comfortable dress is recommended.  It is advisable that you should wear a decent dress whilst walking around, and attending the class. Dresses covering shoulders and legs will definitely be necessary if you want to visit a nearby temple or an ashram.


New Delhi is the nearest international airport. From there you may take a connecting flight to Jolly Grant Airport , Dehradun. We will look after you from the time you arrive at Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun, till the retreat ends.

On the first day of the retreat, November 11, 2018, you will be picked up at Jolly Grant International Airport at Dehradun. From there it is a 45 minutes ride to our retreat spot at Tapovan, Rishikesh. In the evening of November 11, the orientation session for the retreat program will be held.

There will be four meditation sessions everyday. Between inspiring practice sessions, you may enjoy walks on the sacred land and environs of Rishikesh. Perhaps you might plan to arrive a few days before or stay a few days after the retreat to enjoy Rishikesh, opening the heart to the purity, peace and eternal celebration that is perpetually on the air in this sacred ancient place on earth. If you want to arrive earlier or stay on for a few more days, please inform us beforehand.

On the last day of retreat, November 18th, 2018, the retreat ends after breakfast around 10 AM. Dropping at the airport can be arranged on request.

 Cancellation and refund policy:

Please note that the booking fees of $200 USD is non-refundable. However, it is  transferable for the next retreat within 1 year.

  • Cancellation up to 60 days before the start of your retreat: 100% refund, minus the booking fees.
  • Cancellation 30 to 60 days before the start of your retreat: 50% refund, minus the booking fees.
  • Cancellation 15 to 30 days before the start of your retreat: 25% refund, minus the booking fees.
  • Cancellation within 15 days of the start of your retreat: 0% refund.

You may cancel your Inner Light Retreat booking at any time by sending email with CANCELLATION as the subject line at  . The cancellation will take effect from the date we receive your cancellation email.


Who can Attend?

Om Deep Meditation retreat is offered as a 7 days intensive program with the objective to help individuals understand their inner strengths, unfold their leadership skills and realizing values to create an intelligent, efficient, stress-free, happy, compassionate and mindful work culture for their benefit. Anyone interested in health and wellness and meditation in general is welcome to attend. People of all ages and all walks of life can attend the workshop. People with specific mental or physical problems should consult their physicians.

I am already practicing another type of meditation. Can I attend?

Yes. Om Deep meditation technique is not based on any sectarian type of teaching. The tradition has ancient origin and backed by modern scientific understanding. The teaching is universal. As such it will probably not interfere with your faith or practice.
We respect all religions. Our courses and teachings neither asserts, requires, nor refutes any particular religious belief.

I have never practiced meditation before and do not have prior knowledge of meditation. Can I attend?

Yes. Beginners as well as experienced meditators can attend the workshop. Everything is explained and meditation sessions will be guided.

Om Deep Meditation is a concrete step by step simple process of meditation that can help anyone awaken their true hidden potential of peace, bliss, blessedness and the luminosity of higher consciousness.

What are the Benefits expected from Om Deep Meditation?

Om Deep Meditation is important for developing calmness, enhancing cognition and alertness, creating and maintaining positive emotion, relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety. Following benefits are noted:

♦ Better Spiritual Development

 ♦ Maintaining Positive-mindset

♦Better Emotional Intelligence

♦Greater work Efficiency

♦Greater clarity and purpose

♦Greater sense of wellbeing

♦Anxiety Reduction

♦Better Stress Management

♦Better Focus, Concentration and Memory

♦Better Creativity

♦Deeper Confidence Building

♦Great Energy Boosting

I am a Yoga practitioner. Can I benefit from the program?

Off course you can. In fact, if you are already practicing Yoga, introducing Om Deep Meditation to your lifestyle can only enhance and complement your practice. This course will help you to ignite your theoretical understanding of the ageless, powerful path of Om Mantra practice and begin a solid practice with clear fundamentals that nourish your inner child and illuminate your inner being.  Additionally, you will be experiencing the alchemy behind Yogic rituals and chanting and their direct effect on strengthening your Yoga practice.

Are there any silent periods during the retreat and if so why?

The retreat  have brief periods of silence. Each evening silence will be observed after the evening meditation and dinner until after breakfast the following morning.

Most people today have busy lives and spend very little time in silence. Silence is food for our soul. It is restful and rejuvenating as it mirrors our natural state. Silent community creates a supportive environment in which understanding, awareness, openness and compassion deepen.

Do you Accept Credit Card for booking?

Yes. All our transactions are carried through PayPal, the reputed International payment gateway.

For more information visit retreat terms and conditions.  For booking and more information, please email Prema at:  or, 

Inner Light Retreats

High Bank, By Pass Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh – 249192
Phone: (+91) – 8961948770

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