The Best Sleeping Positions

Yoga tells us that you should sleep on the left side of your body for 50% of your sleeping time and rest of the time you should change your position. Sleeping on back and sleeping on stomach is not recommend in yoga philosophy. Sleep is necessary for us to clear the toxin called beta-amyloid and tau proteins. Improper sleeping position can cause of back pain, neck pain, stomach troubles, and even premature aging. Sleep helps our brains sort out, reorder and make sense of all the information it consumes during the day.sleeping-beauty Researchers are telling us that sleeping less than six hours per night can actually shut down some genes, that play a key role in the body’s process of self-repair. Sleep plays a significant role in brain development. It is impossible to overcome sleep deprivation through any other recovery method. Sleeping in the same position night after night can itself create pain in neck and shoulder. One position all night is also not good for blood circulation.