Meditation for Beginners

Welcome to the meditation for beginners Quick-Start Series. In this first series of lessons we are going to help you learn meditation. If you already have experience with meditation this series will help you to go into deeper aspect of meditation.  Everyone has their own reasons for meditation. Some people do meditation for physical well-being. Some … Read more

Meditation and Metacognition: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Research

Cognition is the ability to retrieve knowledge from memory. Self-monitoring of knowledge is subject of research for modern neuro-scientists. It was also the topic of meditation in ancient eastern traditions. What is Metacognition? Metacognition is your knowledge about what you know. It is the ability to monitor and evaluate your own cognitive processes with your own mind. It … Read more

Nine Friends of Meditation: How to Meditate? Part- III

How to Meditate? Meditation is to conquer the inner enemies.  Negative emotions like anger, hatred, fear, jealousy are these enemies. To conquer the enemies, you need friends. The nine friends of meditation are the subject of this article. Meditation is to experience the truth about yourself. Meditation is to overcome the sufferings of life. There are two … Read more

How to Meditate: 12 Simple Steps

How to Meditate? There are numerous ways you can meditate. But here I am giving below just twelve simple steps for deep meditation. As you practice meditation, you will move into deeper realities of tranquility and calmness of life. 1.Time for Meditation Ideally speaking, early morning around 4:00 to 6:30 AM is the best time for meditation. However, … Read more