Book Authors

Dr. Amit Ray is a spiritual master in the Himalayan Yoga and Vipassana tradition. He is author of several books on meditation and other spiritual topics. He learnt yoga and meditation from the masters of the ancient Himalayan and Buddhist traditions.He began sharing his experiences after a series of transformative spiritual awakening. In his Himalayan Centre at Uttarkashi, he lives a life dedicated to meditation and yoga.

Amit Ray, in his early years was a scientist. After doing his PhD in artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience, he was working as a scientist conducting his research in the area of intelligence and the nature of consciousness. He worked in India, USA and UK for about 15 years. With a spiritual bent of mind from his very childhood, he undertook intense practices in meditation from when he was a child. In his later years, many mystical experiences prompted him to dedicate his life for the search of truth.

Banani Ray is a teacher of meditation and the development of human order tramadol canada potential. She is a successful writer and inspirational speaker. She had been involved in academic and humanitarian services in her early years until an all-engrossing quest for truth consumed her to make her quit almost all external associations motivating her to undertake spiritual practices and self-study in solitude. For more than fifteen years, she lived a life dedicated to spiritual practices and meditation.

Sakshi Chetana is a popular teacher of Buddhist meditation and author on mind-body-spirit meditation, Buddha lifestyle and infinite human potential. She is author of several books on Yoga and Buddhism, including “Laughing Buddha: The Alchemy of Euphoric Living” and “In Love with Yourself”. She conducts meditation retreats and currently is busy writing a book “Yoga body, Buddha mind and Zen Living”. She lives on the Varanavat mountain range in Ujeli, a small Himalayan province in the northern India and is the assistant editor of a journal of meditation.