7 Benefits of Almond Oil for Amazingly Beautiful Skin

BENEFITS OF ALMOND OILAlmond oil is one of the little known Yoga foods that you can use for skin benefits. If you are worried about your skin, complexion or dark circle, rest assured that you have reached the right place to know how to banish your skin problem forever. Almond is one of the Mother Nature’s best gifts to humanity. Almond oil is enriched with vitamins E, A, and B. Read on to know the amazing benefits of this wonderful oil to enhance your skin.

1. Almond oil keeps your Skin Soft Glowing and Smooth

almond oilAlmond oil improves the complexion greatly and imparts a warm glow to the skin. It completely nourishes the skin, making it smoother and softer. It locks the moisture in the skin and also improves absorption, thus ensuring that the pores are not blocked. Pure almond oil has emollient properties, which imparts it power to rejuvenate and soften the skin, thereby enriching the complexion and evening out the skin tone.

2. Reduces Dark Circles

dark circles under eyesIf you are worried about the dark circles around your eyes, a sure shot solution to get rid of it is to massage the area under your eyes with almond oil before you go to bed. The vitamin E in the almond oil will rejuvenate the skin, and with regular use, lighten the skin under the eyes. Regular use of almond oil will also reduce wrinkles and crowfeet around the eyes. Simply apply one or two drops of organic almond oil over the dark circles or areas of puffiness and very gently massage or pat it, using tips of your fingers, before going to bed. Leave it overnight and allow the oil to work while you sleep. This way oil will get enough time to sink into the skin deeply. Wash off the area with cold water next morning. For optimum results apply this home remedy regularly until the dark circles under the eyes disappear. This remedy will also get rid of dark eyelids and crow’s feet.

3. Almond oil for Wrinkle Free Skin

Wrinkle Free SkinAlmond oil is packed with antioxidants. It contains protein, essential minerals and healthy fats as well. It is also rich in oleic and linoleic acids. Due to its high nutrient-contents, this oil has versatile use in skin care. If you want to keep wrinkles at bay, and are looking for a simple herbal solution, you should turn to almond oil. Vitamins A, B and E are essential to keep your skin, young and supple. Most big brand skin care products contain these vitamins. Sweet almond oil is naturally rich in having these vitamins and other skin-friendly nutrients in abundance. Moreover, pure almond oil keeps your skin moisturized. Being noncomedogenic, and medium-light non greasy lubricant, it gets into your skin easily without blocking skin pores. Regular application of almond oil keeps your skin wrinkle free.

4. Delays the Signs of Skin Aging

Are you worried about fine lines and crowfeet spoiling your appearance? Use almond oil for treating wrinkles, fine lines and skin aging. It facilitates tightening of the dull, aged skin and lessening of the wrinkles and fine lines appearance. By using sweet almond oil as a facial lotion, you can repair signs of aging and prevent further damage to the skin. It raises the amount of moisture that your skin can carry, thereby keeps your skin fresh for longer time.

5. Almond oil Prevents dry, flaky and irritated skin

Almond oil is one of the best skin moisturizers. It deeply moisturizes your skin without blocking the pores. Its medicinal properties soothe the skin and reduce irritation and flakiness.

6. Treat chapped lips, body rashes and removes tanning

The Vitamin A and E in almond oil works wonder to treat body rashes and heal chapped lips. It is used widely as a very good massage oil. Treat yourself with a whole body almond oil massage for keeping every skin problem at bay. Almond has the skin enriching agent of Vitamin E which nourishes the skin and shields the skin from harmful UV rays. Almond oil acts as a natural sunscreen which protects the skin from sun exposure and minimizes skin damages. It acts as a natural ingredient which helps in reducing sun burns, tanning and other skin problems.

7. Almond oil cleanse and can treat acne prone skin

Almond oil has fatty acids that dissolve sebum and impurities that cause acne and pimples. It also cleanses the skin pores and repairs damage to the skin, so can prevent occurrence of acne and pimples.

Almond oil helps in renewing skin cells and revitalizing the skin, ensuring younger, fresher and more radiant skin. If you are to keep only one ingredient in your shelf for natural skin care, then that would be almond oil. Go ahead and buy it from your nearest organic store and use it to keep looking younger and radiant.

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