How many chakras are there 7 or 114 ?

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Do you know how many chakras are there in human body? There are 114 chakras in human body. However, for simplicity, the 7 major chakras are most popular.

Let’s talk about the chakras. What is it? How does it matter? What do you need to do with them? Finally, we will find out what is the optimum number of chakras in the human body.

How many chakras are there in human body

What are the chakras?

Well, your chakras are the subtle energy centers like wheels or vortexes of energies.  They are the psychic energy nodes. The 7 major chakras are in your spine but other 107 chakras are throughout your body.

Chakras play into your emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well being and the states of your conscious. It is a kind of system that covers all aspects of human being.

Are the chakras a real thing or conceptual?

Before we go into how many chakras are there, let’s cover, are the chakras real or conceptual?

Well, although the chakras are not visible, they are not just conceptual things. They are the real energy centers in your body. They control your whole mind, body, and soul interactions. Your emotions, dreams and your inspirations are generated by the 114 chakras.

Where the chakras are located?

According to the ancient traditions, the chakras are not directly linked to the nerve plexus or the organs of the body. However, in the modern world people are more comfortable to associate them with the physical body.  Hence, often the chakras are linked to the body organs, junction points, spine, glands and the nerve plexuses. In reality, physical body is just the product of the chakras.

In the words of the Great Master Sri Guru Amit Ray, “The 114 chakras interact with the physical body in a master-slave pattern. The master is the true information controller and the data keeper while the slave is just a servant, a replication of the master. When the body goes the chakras remain in the flow.”

Are the chakras a real?

The 7 major chakras are located in the spine but other 107 chakras are distributed throughout the body.

What are the colors of the chakras and their meanings

The Chakra ColorsThe colors of the seven chakras are the color of the rainbow. They are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. The seven chakras are associated with the pure spectrum.

However, the remaining 107 chakras having different combinations of the basic colors.

The chakras can be energized by specific color vibrations. There are many chakras which are colorless. Chakras are like flowers with many petals. The colors of the petals are linked to frequency vibration of the chakras.

What causes imbalances in the chakras?

Your fear, anxiety and depressions are the results of the  imbalances in your chakra system. Imbalances and the blockages chakras can disturb your sleep, health, and relationships. Your life style and the thought patterns are the main causes for imbalances in the chakras.

Each chakra is associated with particular quality of emotions and other well-being. When a chakra is rotates in low frequency, you will get difficulties in expressing that quality. When a chakra rotates in high frequency or overactive, you will express that quality excessively.

How to unblock the chakras

Chakras are also linked to your genes and DNA. Research suggests that there is a partial genetic link to depression. You can improve your health, spirituality and the overall well being by unblocking the chakras. You can unblock the underactive or overactive chakras by maintaining epigenetic lifestyle through yoga and meditation techniques. The following techniques are very helpful to unblock the chakras.

  • Breathing exercises to enhance the flow of energy
  • Balance your food, take Sirtuin foods.
  • Yoga exercises to remove the blockages
  • Meditations on the chakras bring clarity of mind
  • Mantra chanting  for the chakras releases negative thoughts
  • Color therapy for the chakras releases the trapped emotions.
  • Chakra based music therapy brings healing

Each chakra has yoga poses that may help fine-tune its energy. Here are some poses that may help unblock each of your seven chakras.

How many chakras are there?

According to Sri Amit Ray, there are 114 chakras in human body. However, the idea that there are seven chakras in the human body is very popular in the west.

At a glance, you might think this is true that there are 7 chakras, but closer inspection of  the energy centers in the whole body and the higher spiritual fields shows that there are far more than just seven individual chakras.

The 7 major chakras are not the complete spectrum. Each primary chakra is actually made up of a myriad of individual spectral of micro chakras that have overlapped and mixed.  According to Ray, activation of the micro chakras are useful for cell regeneration, pain management and inflammation control.

The seven chakras idea is still popular one because it is easy to work and easy to remember. Moreover, the knowledge about the 114 chakras are very limited.

The 7 chakras are most recognizable in the spine and in the brain area. However, remember that there is also a whole range of chakras, you need unblock them, balance them and see them with your spiritual eyes.

How many chakras are there in human body
The Chakras in human body

The 114 Chakra Theory of Sri Amit Ray

Sri Amit Ray discovered the 114 chakras in the human body based on his profound meditation experiences and the oral tradition. He identified the names, locations and functions of all the 114 chakras for the first time [1]. He discussed them in many of his books and online courses,  starting from the year 2005.

Ray classified the 114 chakras both structurally and functionally. He classified all the 114 chakras in the following five primary groups:

  1. Nourishing chakras
  2. Power chakras
  3. Healing Chakras
  4. Motivational chakras
  5. Spiritual chakras

What are the 7 main chakras?

There are seven major chakras, each exist in a specific location along your spine. Let’s look at each one more closely.

The Seven Major Chakras
The Seven Major Chakras

First Chakra: Root Chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine,. The foundation of this chakra is basic trust. The color of the root chakra is red.

The purpose of this chakra is stability,  safety, security and survival. When this chakra is opened, you will be feeling grounded h and having a sense of ease and less worrying and less fears.

Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra

This chakra is located above the pubic bone and below your navel, the foundation is creativity and sexuality. The color is orange. It provides the feelings of passion and openness, creativity and fulfillment.

Third chakra: Solar Plexus

The third chakra is called the solar plexus. It is located just below your chest in between the navel and the ribcage. The specialty of this chakra is wisdom and mental power.  The color is yellow. This chakra brings confidence, drive ambition and develop positive self-image.

Fourth chakra: Heart Chakra

This chakra is located in the center of the chest. It is the foundation of all love and healing. The color of this chakra is green.

Heart chakra is basically the chakra of balance. When your physical and spiritual needs meet, feelings of love awareness, awakening and connectedness comes from the heart chakra.

Fifth chakra: Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located just in the center of your neck, the foundation is communication and the color is blue. The key purpose of chakra is to bring truth and self-expression.

It opens up the communication channels and gives the ability to speak the truth and being able to have good listening skills.

Sixth chakra: Third eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead between your eyebrows the foundation is awareness and the color is indigo.

This chakra provides intuition and spiritual awareness, wisdom and insight are also part of it. moreover, when tis chakra is open, you will get clear vision. You can see beyond the physical dimension and having clear thoughts.

Top Chakra: Crown Chakra

This is located on the top of your head the foundation is spirituality and the color is violet. The purpose of the crown chakra is to provide the pure cosmic energy. It is expansiveness and gives connections to your higher self.

The 5 chakra theory of Tibetan Buddhism

The Buddhist system of yoga recognizes the five chakras in the body. These five energy systems are called “kor-lo” rather than “chakra”.  In the Vajrayana Buddhism the locations of the chakras are in the area of: Genital, Navel, Heart, Throat and the Crown.

Who discovered the chakras?

The history of the chakra system is fascinating. May be much older than the idea of the written texts.  The concept of chakras first emerged in India. First in the Hindu tradition and then later in the Buddhist traditions.

The Sanskrit word, “chakra” was used in the oldest text called the Vedas around 1500 and 500 BC. However, the chakras as psychic centers of consciousness are first mentioned in the Yoga Upanishads  around 600 BCE.

Sri Amit Ray’s discovered the 114 chakras [2]. Finally, he explained how the network of the chakras are formed and controls our emotions, mental thoughts, spiritual activities and physical wellbeing.

He also noted that the sequence of the healing chakras. He identified the mantras, colors and petals of the each chakra. These are very useful for opening, activating, balancing all the chakras.

The Takeaway

The 114 chakras in the body is the most important spiritual discover of Sri Amit Ray. The Ray online courses are the easy way to learn and balance all the chakras.

Even if the 114 chakra are not manageable for you initially,  it is always good thing to start with them all.

I know that sounds crazy, but think of it this way–if  you can not balance your whole energy system in totality, you are just wasting your time.

At some point of time you have to clean, activate and balance all the 114 chakras in your body to get the optimum result out of life.

In other words, it is unlikely that the 7 chakra system will give you the best result.

Sure, you may need some extra effort and go through a systematic learning curve,  but that will pay you in long term.

Plus, this is your opportunity to develop deeper self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This also brings better balance in your mind-body system. You can always adjust your minor chakras or bring energies from the healthy chakras and get the answers the questions you are looking for.

So, what do you think about the number of chakras in your body? Is it 7, 114,  5 or 13? Which brings better healing efficiency and clarity of mind?

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