Chakra Meditation for Opening the Heart Center

Heart chakra is the space of our connection with the cosmic consciousness. It is also the place of feelings such as love, sharing, caring, gratitude and forgiveness. Opening this center through chakra meditation makes us centered in our heart that makes our relationships blissful and harmonious. Heart chakra meditation is very easy and very effective. It is the safest of all types of chakra meditations. It is most beneficial for the beginners and for the common people. It is the gateway to heaven. It is the place where inside merges with outside. It is the place where heaven and earth meets together. It is the seat of pure cosmic consciousness. Heart is the place, where gamma waves easily collaborates with the theta waves.

Chakra Meditation and Brainwaves

The objective of chakra meditation is to attain liberation while living (jivanmukta). This is the state where mind is full of bliss and free from all fluctuations and negativity. The mind abides in its pure state of consciousness. In this state mind is free from all attachments to persons, ideas, opinions, ideology and worldly things. In this state people often exhibits a high level of holistic functioning full of love and wisdom that unites multiple senses and perceptions. It is a state of completely synchronized neural activity in the brain.

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