Yoga Postures Basic Rules

The basic guidelines and the rules of yoga postures and asanas are discussed in detail. These rules are very easy to follow. These will help the beginners in doing yoga.

If you have high blood pressure, dizziness, serious eye problems or other health problems take your doctor’s opinion before you start yoga practices. Specially, certain inverted yoga postures (headstand, shoulder stand and reverse posture) should not be practiced if you have high blood pressure or eye problems. If you have any doubt take expert’s advice.

Initial Two Weeks

In some cases you may feel worse for up to one weeks after starting the yoga postures. This is because the yoga exercises cause the body to eliminate toxins, which spend some time in the blood before being eliminated. After this initial period of body cleaning, you will start to feel much better. The more toxins you have, worse you will feel in the beginning.
Some of the symptoms you may experience are a slight increase in your usual aches and pains, and a little stiffness. Your body may become slightly bloated and you may feel a bit drowsy during the day. You may feel sore in the back, neck and shoulder muscles for a couple of weeks. To minimize any soreness, start gently and don’t overdo it. Above all, never give up. Any discomfort will only be temporary and you will start to feel much better in a relatively short time.

When To Do The Yoga Postures

It’s best to do the yoga postures in the early morning or the early evening before the evening meal. Never exercise on a full stomach. Before exercising, wait at least three hours after eating a main meal, about one hour where to purchase tramadol after eating a light snack such as a piece of fruit and about half an hour after drinking juices. After finishing the yoga postures, wait about a quarter of an hour before eating.
The best time to do the yoga postures is about one hour after getting up or in the early evening. Wait about 15 minutes before eating. Don’t exercise immediately after getting out of bed, since you’ll be too stiff. Wait at least one hour. It’s not advisable to do the yoga postures before bed, since their stimulating effect may prevent you from getting to sleep easily.
Don’t take a hot shower or bath immediately after yoga, since this draws blood away from the internal organs and glands to go to the skin. A shower which is just warm is all right, since this is neutral and will not affect the yoga exercises.

Where To Do and  What To Wear

Make sure you have good ventilation in the room where you exercise. Use a thick rug or about an inch thick firm foam. Don’t do them on the bed since it’s too soft, or on the floor without some padding, since that would be too hard.
Wear loose clothing, since tight clothes will restrict the circulation to some areas of the body. This would defeat one of the purposes of the yoga postures, that of increasing the circulation to various parts of the body.

Basic Yoga Rules:

Do the postures slowly, without any strain
Breathe slowly and deeply. When inhaling, push out; when exhaling, let it return
Concentrate on the main organ or gland (with your eyes closed)
Be regular – aim to do the routine five to six times a week.